Welcome to the Foothills Indian Horse Club

The Foothills Indian Horse Club was founded in April of 2001, to promote and enjoy the American Indian Horse, and promote the American Indian Horse Registry, throughout Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and Northeast Georgia.

The club hosts a variety of events throughout the year including a year-long horse show series, game days, trail rides, clinics & more. We also participate in parades, breed expos and other events that showcase the beauty and versatility of the American Indian Horse. Registration with the AIHR is not required to participate in FIHC events (although we do encourage it). Our shows and events are open to all breeds and riders of all ages and skill level. We strive to promote a safe and family friendly environment. We want everyone to come out and have fun with their horse!

Since 2002, the FIHC has been the proud host of the AIHR Southeastern Regional Championship Show. This show is held annually over Labor Day Weekend and is one of the largest American Indian Horse Shows in the country.

What is the American Indian Horse?

What is the American Indian Horse?

 So you might be wondering, what is an American Indian Horse?

The American Indian Horse Registry currently registers horses in five different classifications from O for Original to P for Ponies. Many of our members are surprised to learn that their horse is eligible for registration within the American Indian Horse Registry. Even horses that have an unknown history often qualify for one of the five classifications.

Type O

Type O- The Original Indian Horse. Class O horses are not bred to conform to popular current standards but to preserve the bloodlines of Native American Indian tribes. Class O horses registered since 1979 have bloodlines that trace back to various American Indian tribes and families. Most horses registered with the HOA, SMR, SSMA, SBBA and other “Mustang” registries qualify for O registration.

Type AA

Type AA- Class AA horses are at least ½ O in breeding or are of exceptional O type. BLM horses may qualify for AA registration. To be inspected and to qualify as AA on inspection a horse must be at least 4 years of age.

Type A

Type A- Class A horses are horses with unknown bloodlines but who are of Indian Horse type. Most BLM horses qualify for A registration as well as many so called “grade” or “backyard” horses. Class A horses are eligible to be inspected at age 4 or over and may be passed to Class AA.

Type M

Type M- Class M horses are horses of modern type. They may have parents registered with the AQHA, APHA, ApHC, APA, etc. Such ancestry will be shown on the registration certificate.

Type P

Type P- Class P is for ponies of Indian Horse type. Eligible ponies include those with Galiceno, POA, etc. in their pedigrees. Ponies of unknown ancestry may also qualify for registration.